Having sensed the Lord leading Colorado Community to continue forward in this Growing Together – Season of Discernment, this weekend we began, “21 Days of Growing Together.” Our aim is to call our church to discern and respond together God’s leading in this Season of Discernment. Specifically, as a church we are being called to:

  1. PRAY – to seek God’s clear leading, open doors and how He would have each of us respond in faith by participating in our “21 Days of Prayer” for Growing Together
  2. LEARN – to educate ourselves on all matters of our Growing Together vision by attending a Town Hall and/or reviewing all the information on our growtogether.co website
  3. DREAM – to share what dreams we have for how this new facility could be used to transform our city and beyond – and how we can help make that happen
  4. GIVE – to joyfully respond in faith with a financial commitment toward our Growing Together vision that would be sacrificial and pleasing to our Lord