Growing Together • God’s Provision

“If I say I have faith, I want to trust the Lord to show up and I

want to be able to see how He does it.” -Eve Evans

When we began Growing Together, we knew we would want to sell our facility at 2220 S Chambers and so began praying for God to provide the right buyer. We prayed that the building would continue to be used for Kingdom purposes, but were not convinced that we would find the right buyer in the right timeframe. 

In the summer of 2018, Addis Kidan Church, down the road from 2220 S Chambers, was beginning an expansion project of their current facility because they too were growing. With the help of Pastor Keita, discussions with their leadership began later that year to explore the possibility of Addis Kidan purchasing our old building. By early 2019, they had made an offer and we began working with them. Their faithful congregation began raising money and securing financing – undergoing their own kind of “growing together” campaign. 

God has been so faithful in this entire process and has blessed both us and Addis Kidan. On November 19, 2019, the CCC staff handed Addis Kidan leadership the keys to their new home.

Being involved in the Growing Together process has impacted all those involved. There are so many stories that have been shared with us by our congregation and staff. Read some of their thoughts here and consider sharing your story with us too!

Sharee’s Story

It was a wonderful experience to have my entire family help with the buildout of the shelves in the Kids’ Ministry Resource Room. I love that they all had a hand in it’s creation, and the kids love to “brag” about helping to build something at the new building.

Additionally, it has been amazing to see how God has continued to provide for us in these uncertain times. My husband had a reduction in salary at the beginning of the pandemic, but God provided for us despite the reduction. Nathan unexpectedly received his “profit sharing” bonus which helped to counter balance the reduction in his salary. I feel like God is continually showing us his faithfulness!

Joey’s Story

I had the privilege of joining staff 3-4 months before we moved to the new facility. After the Youth Pastor’s departure, it opened up a season of unique ministry for me as I pastored youth through the building transition. During this period, I feel like God really developed me as a leader, and as a pastor. Additionally, Growing Together served as a relational catalyst as I began my time here at CCC.

David’s Story

Just amazed as God has provided thru all this uncertainty. And relying on the Word – especially 2 Timothy 1:7 NKJ: “God has not given us a spirit of fear but power, love, and a sound mind.”

Many mental health, family, and marriage struggles, but being always able to go back to Word of God in difficult times has always been our refuge.

Doni’s Story

I was “officially” hired shortly before GT started and then felt like I had been called to Gideon’s army as many staff people left when GT was getting off the ground, gaining momentum and the move was becoming more “real”. Despite other opportunities of position openings that I applied for previously, I was awed and humbled that this was the time and season that God had in store for me to be a part of such a move.

Members of our congregation have been sharing their Growing Together stories and “Only God” moments with us throughout these three years as well. Would you like to share your story?

You can do that here.