Growing Together • It’s About People

“Before [we fill out our commitment cards], I just want to remind us all what this is about. This whole season we are in is about people. People. That God has seen fit to continue to bring people here to this church.” -Pastor Robert

Growing Together isn’t just about Growth – it’s about doing it Together. This season opened up new opportunities to pray for, invite, and engage those who weren’t already a part of our Family. There are names of people – loved ones, friends, neighbors – written on the floor and walls of our new basecamp. This outward act was a way to seek Only God moments for those whose names are written all over the church. 


Pastor Ray’s Story

I signed multiple names of friends and acquaintances on the dry wall, with prayer requests for Salvation and Revival. I have seen incremental changes and possible small movements towards God. Still praying…hope to report, soon, decisions for Christ. Bottom-line, my prayer life for the lost has taken off. I may not see the direct fruits, but I know God see, knows and engineers the endgame.

Michelle’s Story

I put the name of my sister in law down when we were building. I continue to pray for her. Over the last few years I have seen a subtle change in her posts on social media, requesting “Real Prayers” instead of “Happy Thoughts” or “Good Vibes”. I see the posting about crystals, the empowering universe, etc diminishing to nothing. At Christmas she gave my mother in law a beautiful bible. She even researched the perfect version for her. She had turned from her faith as a teenager and was stubbornly against God all these years. I have seen her coming back, slowly and gently. Only God!