Growing Together • New Leaves

“The Growing Together season has stirred God’s love for the whole body of Christ and our city.”

-Pastor Richard

Growing Together was in itself a new and exciting vision. As the seed grew and took root, new leaves began to form in the shape of ideas for ministry expansion. New initiatives began to swirl as the church considered what it really means to wash the feet of our city and to care for those in our own backyard. The new basecamp was just that – a base of operations for ministry and the sharing of the gospel.

Beth’s Story

I think God has taken me to a place of expanding how I see ministry to our “parish”. It can be challenging sometimes working in ministry to keep my work from feeling like a job vs. a life-changing opportunity to wash the feet of those God brings on my path. In these past 3 years God has spoken to me in different ways that the calling to serve in even the smallest way is not what I do, it is who I am as a follower of Jesus.

Richard’s Story

First, during the buildout phase I was able to serve several times alongside people from our congregation that I had not gotten to know before as we made sound panels. We now share a history of having served together and are connected in ways that we were not otherwise. This journey has also caused our Zone to process many things together which has caused us to grow together. Secondly, taking time to consider our own “backyard” I have been reignited to consider our city and what it means to wash the feet of our city through Care Ministry. Previously, as one of my primary focus has been ministry in/to our body – “so we care well for one another”. Given that we do this ultimately so our congregation is healthy and is able to be outward focused “for the sake of others” the GrowingTogether season has stirred God’s love for the whole body of Christ and our city. I would also add that my prayer for our congregation and for our city has become even more God-led as there have been many focused things to pray for throughout the growing together season.

Annie’s Story

It’s so exciting to see how God has used the building in an unexpected way. Not knowing about CoVid and yet it provided space to spread out and still host people/groups. I am especially excited about the partnership with APS (Aurora Public Schools) being able to provide a hybrid learning site with APS and Rocky Mountain Kids. This has allowed kids to be in class/care and see Jesus (through the CCC staff, murals on the walls, Bibles in the rooms). The size/space beautiful rooms have made it possible to serve our community during this time. This has been impactful on me. Seeing the beautiful kids’ ministry spaces used in this way has been beautiful and an “only God” moment.