Growing Together • Only God

“Let us go through these next three years and when we reach the end of this time, let us be able to look back upon this Growing Together season in a way that this is an Only God moment.”

-Pastor Robert

Only God. This weekend, the Growing Together season comes to an end. During these past three years, there have been so many Only God moments. An incredibly tangible way we can say “Only God” is by looking back at 2020. In January 2020, we had dedicated ourselves and our new building to God. It was only a few months later that we were doing strictly online services due to COVID-19. We had to seek the Lord and navigate this time in new ways. 

Only God knew what 2020 would look like and the challenges that it would bring. But it is also Only God who could have better prepared us for this season and how to use our new basecamp in a year turned upside-down. Because of our large facility, we were able to move the MLCC on-site and you collected and donated hundreds of pounds of food for the food pantry. Our lobby was open for those who needed a space to work remotely, and our Worship Center – with more than enough space to spread out – was opened daily for prayer. Our large parking lot was able to accomodate the hundreds of cars who lined up for Food Bank of the Rockies throughout the year. Only God knew that this new facility would give us the means and the space to continue to wash the feet of our city and offer prayer and help to those in need. 

Only God knew that our own backyard would impacted by the pandemic, but He equipped us to go door-to-door on Saturday morning to ask people if they needed help and to offer food. Only God could have done this.

As we look forward, we anticipate the upcoming Only God moments as we continue to grow together under one roof here at 14000 E Jewell Ave.

 “Growing Together was a season.

Only God is a way of Life.”

-Pastor Robert

Ayinde’s Story

My wife and I have attended CCC for 16 years. We’ve found family here, served in missions, worship and community outreach. My story of transformation during this Growing Together includes the most difficult transition of my life. My story also includes a realization of personal call in God’s ongoing work in my life.

When my wife and I first signed our pledge, I didn’t know a very painful time was around the corner. I had a significant break in health, at almost every level, and the circumstances were a vehicle for purging, and moreover, healing. After a few years of this intensive process, God brought my attention to a role here at my church home that seemed to be entirely suited to me.

Months of co-discernment with family, church leadership, an executive search firm and the Holy Spirit ensued. This while the church was very much in the process of changing its base location.

In February of 2020, I joined CCC’s staff as a Director of Community Involvement. Only a month passed before the pandemic closed our doors for service, but could not close our hearts for service. I couldn’t have conceived of a context more pertinent for the external mindset that this ministry values. I started my job needing to dive beneath the waves – and I found out just how amazing God’s workmanship in our lives can be. 

God tied together my experiences in non-profit work, my travel and work as a professional artist, my experiences of trauma and healing, the renewal of my marriage, my heart for social justice, my training in seminary, and my restructured understanding of the power of the gospel to bring me to a new revelation – He hasn’t wasted a single experience in my life.

For years I sensed a pastoral call in my life, but for years I found myself out in the world, feeling very much like that call would not materialize. I had amazing experiences – so important in my development-and I had devastating experiences – such that I thought I might never recover from. At a point of many miles traveled in the wilderness, God brought me into a new role that reaffirmed my faith that He is sovereign, working in all things for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. He brought me to place at a point in time where all of my experiences would be of use. I’ve been so grateful – having grown with our church in a new and personal way; joining more intimately with CCC as a staff member – feeling fulfillment in the consummation of my calling as a friend pastor – and as one the Lord has always been guiding for His purposes, in the best and worst of times.