Growing Together • We Couldn’t Have Done This Without YOU!

“Anytime you work in a building, you feel some ownership. It makes you feel a part of the building and helped me to build friendships and be part of the people of the church.”

-John Howe, Carpentry Team

So many things would not have been possible without our faithful congregation volunteering their time on various buildout teams. From making and hanging sound panels to building stages and assembling chairs, the people of our church continued Growing Together by participating in the various projects that brought our new basecamp to life.

Thank you to all who were involved in this process. We couldn’t have done this without you! Growing Together really means together.

So how many people served on buildout teams? We’re glad you asked! Join us in thanking and celebrating all of these individuals! 

Carpentry Team: 64

Chair Team: 98

Fabric Team: 24

Sound Panel Team: 57

Landscape Team: 169 

Carpentry Team

Heather’s Story

Being new on staff and not attending services at CCC, helping coordinate the Buildout Teams and be a part of the construction helped me connect with parishioners and feel like I was actually part of the church. 

During the pandemic, seeing the abundant generosity of our congregation in finances and service encouraged me to be more involved in washing the feet of our city – getting to coordinate the meals for hospital staff was a true privilege and blessing.

I have always managed my giving with a 5+5 mentality. It has been an encouragement to be a part of that culture here and not to feel guilty for not giving more directly to the church, but to pursue relationships and follow the prompting of the Spirit in who to partner with.