In May of 2018, we launched into a season of “Growing Together” as a church family. Our vision was to relocate our church family to a new Base Camp (our present home) that we might continue to grow together as a congregation under one roof. This move has enabled us to preserve that unique and special multi-cultural environment with which God has blessed us as together we Reach More, Love More, Serve More, and Send More.

The great news is that is has happened (we moved) and is happening (we are reaching more)! Even during this unprecedented season of pandemic, meeting restrictions, and physical distancing, our new Base Camp has enabled us to spread out, continue services, and serve the neighbors in our own backyard.

Your commitment to sacrificial, over-and-above giving has helped make our Growing Together vision a reality. As we approach the end of our three-year commitment season, we thank you for being such an amazing church as we continue to Grow Together!


At Colorado Community Church, our calling has always been to, “Transform our city and beyond by connecting people to Christ, Community and Calling.” As we have followed this call of God over the years, God has continually added to our numbers. The amazing growth we have experienced has been quite special as well. By God’s grace, we have become one of the largest multicultural churches in America!

Over the years, our leadership has considered numerous ways to accommodate those God keeps bringing our way (i.e.: Buy land and build, Video venues and even “hiving” Pastor Robert). In the end, all of these options had us growing – but GROWING APART. Because of the unique, multicultural growth we enjoy, it has become increasingly clear that our preferred path forward would be to GROW TOGETHER under one roof.

Given this, for years we have prayed, searched and waited for a larger facility. Recently, it appears a viable option has arisen – the former “Gander Mountain” facility located one mile west of our current location! As we have pursued this facility, God has given us many “winks” that have led us to believe NOW is the time to plan our move.


We sense God leading us to relocate our church family to the former Gander Mountain facility at Abilene & E. Jewell in Aurora. This move will enable us to further Grow Together as a congregation under one roof; to preserve that unique and special multicultural environment God has blessed us with as together we reach more for Christ, facilitate greater and richer Community and provide countless opportunities to release more people to live out their Calling in our city and beyond.


  • Worship Services: We could almost DOUBLE the capacity for our weekend worship services; growing from about 2500 people worshiping each weekend to a church of 4000+ each weekend.

  • Children & Youth: We envision areas for Children and Youth designed to accommodate over 750 children and 250 youth per weekend; proclaiming the good news of Jesus and helping them develop as followers of Jesus from an early age.

  • Ministry Partnerships: We could provide space to grow and partner with many other ministries for thousands more to hear the message of Christ, run into Jesus, be discipled by Him, further serve our city and grow God’s Kingdom.


  • Spacious Lobby: An exciting and comfortable place to mix and mingle with old friends and new; encouraging each other and developing lasting friendships.

  • Gym: A place of recreation and joy where we can launch new ministries that help others find a sense of belonging and connection. This could include a sports ministry, exciting events for adults and children with special needs and even after-school programs for children and youth from our community.

  • CCC Café: A warm, comfortable place to enjoy and build relationships, hold a bible study or just take a break from a stressful day. We believe this café could not only serve people in our congregation, but could become a desired hangout spot during the week.


  • Dare to Care: Our community knows we are a church that serves; that we are people who “wash the feet of our city.” As we reach more, we can send more!

  • Food Bank of the Rockies: We envision this compassion partnership exploding given our visibility off I-225 and easier access to light rail.

  • More Partnerships: The additional space would enable us to help grow other partner ministries like Whiz Kids, Save our Youth, Denver Institute for Faith & Work, MOPS and more.

*Updated January 2019


*updated January 2019

$20M is our ESTIMATED TOTAL for the purchase and renovation of the 91K square foot facility – as well as building a parking lot on the Xcel land. We believe we can accomplish this together in the following manner:

  • $3M in SAVINGS: We’ve been saving for such a time as this!

  • $3M for SALE: This is what we hope to receive for the eventual sale of our 2220 S Chambers Rd facility.
  • $10M MORTGAGE: Our aim is to borrow as little as possible. A $10M mortgage would be sensible for a church our size and one we could pay off in ten years given new growth and the eventual sale of our Iliff & Chambers location.

  • $4M in GROWING TOGETHER GIVING: Over the next three years, this is the amount we would need (over-and-above our regular giving) to embark on and fulfill this God-sized vision.


PRAY for God’s clear leading, open doors and unmistakable provision.

HELP with a Growing Together Team when a request goes out.

LEARN more about this vision by attending a Town Hall meeting and reviewing all the information on this site.

DREAM and share how you envision this facility being used to transform our city and beyond… and how you can help make that vision become reality!

GIVE as the Lord leads, with joy and with sacrifice, to invest in this vision.
Not everyone can make a million-dollar gift, but everyone can make a sacrificial one.