Growing Together • Pastor Robert’s Sermon Series

“And the Lord said to Moses, ‘Go to the people and consecrate them today…'” ~Exodus 19:10a

In Spring of 2018, Pastor Robert walked us through a series on Growing Together, culminating in a weekend of pledges toward the goal. The weekend of May 6 & 7 was a time of financial commitment and congregational dedication as CCC officially moved forward in their vision to Grow Together. Through your pledges and faithful commitment, you became gardeners and caretakers of this new vision whose roots were just starting to settle in the soil. 

$4.371 Million was pledged that weekend in over-and-above giving, involving 1,071 households. It was this step of faith that made it possible for another milestone to be completed: 

Friday, June 22, 2018 was the day that Colorado Community Church became the new owners of 14000 E Jewell!

God has been so faithful to us throughout the Growing Together season. 

91K Sq. Ft. Buildout

$20M Final Total 

$5.75M Mortgage

$6.25M Savings

$4.25M sale of 2220 S Chambers

$3.75M received of the pledged total of $4.54M


Lisa’s Story

We had a few “lean” months, but we have pressed in, committed to fulfilling our pledge. It has been amazing to see how faithful God has been to CCC over this past year as this congregation has continued to give of their first fruits, trusting God even when it may not have seemed possible.